Vox Box (Burnt Taters)

by Burnt Taters

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Back when we were Burnt! Everyone starts somewhere, and, for the Taters, it was here! Our first album started out as a demo and ended up with a Billboard "Critic's Choice" award! Recorded on a borrowed 8-track ADAT in our drummer's garage over the course of a few days.

Includes the mysterious "Mr Molio" and the original version of "Just One Night".

We consider this sort of our baby photos - definitely not fully formed yet, but it has a charm of its own!


released May 30, 1999

Recording & mixing: George Garrett & Craig Evans
Mastering: Bill McElroy, Slipped Disc Audio
Production & arrangements: The Taters
Cover Art: Mr Molio



all rights reserved


The Taters Richmond, Virginia

Roots-pop: an eclectic mix of roots-rock, power-pop, country, and Americana, a sound that's been described as "Country roots- pop with the genius songwriting of 60's & 70's power-pop, …a curious mix of Mavericks, Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and Beatles" Billboard magazine calls it "American roots-rock with thoroughly modern, totally hip sensibilities" ... more


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Track Name: Man With a Plan
Man With a Plan
©1998, Craig Evans & Gary Walker, BMI. All Rights Reserved

There's been a lot of ways
You've let me down before
Losing my salad days
On shows you wouldn't explore
Now there's a sadness creeping in
It feels like this is the end

Everybody say a man came by today
With a better plan for taking you away
Wish I had my story down
When the sound
Of his crown cuts through
I really don't believe it's true

Outside my window
I can see a street of gold
I should be walking there
But I might have grown too old
Nowhere on earth I'd rather be
But time's no guarantee

I feel the weather turn
And the winter coming on
If there's a fire to burn
Then it won't be burning long
Now as you turn the key to go
You won't be back, I know...
Track Name: Until the Time is Right
Until The Time Is Right
© 1998 Craig Evans, BMI. All Rights Reserved

There are some things I can't tell you
Until the time is right
For sometimes all the promises
I make to you tonight
Won't seem as real tomorrow
When the sunshine makes you doubt
So for now I'll keep my secrets
Until the time is right

There are some things I should say to you
But I think you know
So for now I'll keep on waiting
And try to take it slow
I know what I'm feeling
I can see through the candlelight
But I'll keep my heart a secret
Until the time is right

Ask me tomorrow
My secrets can wait
If you knew what I'm thinking of
You'd know why it can never be too late
It's better not to rush things
In the passion fog of night
So I'll keep my heart a secret
Until the time is right
Track Name: (I Think I'll Take a) Walk Around the World
© 1998 Craig Evans, BMI. All Rights Reserved

Shut all the windows, it's almost time to go
I won't be coming back here like I did before
This last time is the last time I'll ever let you know
The power you hold over me
Away, I need to be

I think I'll take a walk around the world
I'll find the other people who have
Done the same things wrong
And when we've sat, and talked, and cried
I might come home
And maybe when I do then you'll be gone
Maybe you'll be gone

I used to think that you just didn't know
I waited while you traded "For Sale" for show
But I was just too lonely to ever tell you no
I couldn't hold you anymore
I had to say good-bye

You never would admit that I was wrong
I never saw me changing
You saw it all along
Track Name: Just One Night
© 1998 Craig Evans, BMI. All Rights Reserved

Just one night and every day
Got a whole lot better
Little things don't bother me
When we're together
I hadn't seen you in so long
Since you left everything's gone wrong
Now you're back in town
And everything seems right
After just one night

Just one night alone with you
Showed my what I'm missing
The way we used to talk
And all that time spent kissing
That old sun got brighter today
I hope this time it's here to stay
And this time feels to me
Just like it might
After just one night

I'll never understand it
What brought you to that place
The angels must have planned it
I can see it in your face

Just one night and I feel like I've
Seen a glimpse of the promised land
I hope that you can feel it too
When I hold your hand
I can't wait to see you again
I want to tell you how it's been
I want to open up
And show you what's inside
After just one night
Track Name: In The End
©1998 Craig Evans & Gary Walker, BMI. All Rights Reserved

It was tough growing up in a home like that
There's no sleep in that loud lullaby
And at night when they'd fight
They'd turn on the light
And he'd sit all alone and he'd cry

It's done now, she's left on the midnight train
Leaving only the books and the boy
In his coat was a note to her son she wrote
To make up for all of the noise

In the end when all the counting is done
And you look back to see when you've come
In the end you'll know just what you have won
And who really cared

In his days as a man he would learn the plan
Now she's gone, his wife, he loved her so
And he's grown and he's known on the cornerstones
He remembers the note long ago
Track Name: One After 909
© Lennon & McCartney
Track Name: Mr Molio
©1998 Craig Evans & Gary Walker, BMI. All Rights Reserved

When the shot rang out
Everybody hit the floor
Like a man in flames
I headed for the door
It's the job I hate
I wonder will it ever end
Wouldn't that be great?
I'll never begin
This kind of thing again

Two to go, Mr. Molio
Have I done quite well?
Would you go and tell my mother?
Two to go, Mr. Molio
Am I next in line?
Can I go and find my brother?

When the clock ran out
The minute hand was like a knife
There's just one more hour
The time of my life
I've got two to do
Before the sun comes up
If I only knew,
If I could just touch
I figure I've done enough.
Track Name: Easy Way Out
© 1998 Craig Evans, BMI. All Rights Reserved

It tears me up to turn you down
I feel like hiding underground
I've looked around but it can't be found
I want an easy way out of your heart

It hurts to love you, hurts to leave
Hurts to watch the way you weave
I've got to leave this make believe
I want an easy way out of your heart

Never heard you say you need me
And I got tired of hearing
What you mean to me

If we could have this chance again
Chance to start another end
I still recall when we were friends
I want an easy way out of your heart
Track Name: All The Trouble I Need
© 1998 Brad Tucker, BMI. All Rights Reserved

Don't change the way you play
Every sight, every sound
You're so strange, you make my day
I pray you're keeping me around and around

The things you do, the things you say
Keep me up, keep me up at night
And I know it's okay even when it's not alright

I was down for the count when my number came up
It took some looking but now I see
You're too much, but I can't get enough
You're all the trouble I need

Am I wrong to want to stay
Show me everything, I'll learn
Something new every day
It's getting late but I'll wait my turn
Track Name: Waiting Game
©1998 Craig Evans & Gary Walker, BMI. All Rights Reserved

They wait behind the door
One by one they find out more
The hardest part is still outside
Just waiting
The talk goes round and round
But the terms are still the same
Now I'm sitting in this room again
Playing the waiting game

When will you decide
What you're gonna do with me?
In the meantime now I'm stuck outside
Just waiting
The talk goes round and round
But the girls are still the same
Now there's three men with their hands in chains
Playing the waiting game

Something might be happening
With all this waiting
Something might be happening
You could turn, you could go
But you might never know

A front porch with a chair
Tired years of sitting there
Wonder who might come inside
Just waiting
The talk goes round and round
But the house is still the same
Now there's one less day but no less shame
One more man to go insane
Playing the waiting game
Track Name: Restaurant Rumours
© 1998 Craig Evans, BMI. All Rights Reserved

I heard some people talking yesterday
And they said you were gonna put me by the way
Well, I just wish you would come to me
When you got something to say
I'm not gonna let another restaurant rumour
Spoil my day

I just got back in town from a weekend trip
I overheard something, baby, it made me flip
They saw you last night, you were out on the town
With my best friend, you were fooling around
I'm not gonna let another restaurant rumour
Come my way

Restaurant rumours
Well, I hear them all the time
Sitting here eating my blue plate special
And choking on every line
When I'm looking at the waitress
And she's smiling at me funny
Then I know right away
You been talking 'bout me, honey
With your restaurant rumours
Giving me a knife in the back

Well, it seems like this has been happening quite a lot
I never know why, but I find out when and what
I'm sitting in the cafe just having my dinner
Hear my little blue angel is a red-hot sinner
I'm not gonna let another restaurant rumour
Spoil my day
Track Name: My Wicked Aunt Lavinia
© 1998 Craig Evans, BMI & Clark Ball. All Rights Reserved

She will make you bring her stuff
Then she says it's not enough
That's when things start getting rough
My wicked Aunt Lavinia

Always one in every crowd
Always talking way too loud
Makes a fellow mighty proud
My wicked Aunt Lavinia

She has many attributes, I bet
But I haven't seen any of 'em yet

If you think that life's a sin
And there's too much sufferin'
Got some news for you, my friend
My wicked Aunt Lavinia

Never likes to go to work
And that's not her only quirk
She thinks everyone's a jerk
My wicked Aunt Lavinia

She has lots of hills and bumps
Rolls, holes, spills, and lumps
Looks like she was made of stumps
My wicked Aunt Lavinia
Track Name: Try a Little Harder
© 1998 Craig Evans, BMI. All Rights Reserved

If I left it up to you
It wouldn't be long 'til we were through

You've got to try a little harder
Love a little longer
Hold me like you mean it
Let me know you need me
Don't you ever make me doubt
The love I just can't live without
Won't you try and love me to

Colder shoulder
We're both getting older
Polar soul or jelly roller
Now's the time to let me know

Don't let this chance go by
Don't leave me here to cry
Track Name: 29 Days
© 1998 Craig Evans, BMI. All Rights Reserved

In 29 days I'll get you back
You've had your month away
In 29 days you're coming home
I started count today
In 29 days you'll let me know
If you're gonna stay
I guess you'll get the final say in 29 days

In 29 days I'll get another chance
To make the same mistake
In 29 days I'll find out
How much we can take
In 29 days I guess I'll know
When to make my break
I'll find out if I stay or go in 29 days

It seems like years ago
Since you packed and ran away
You told me that a month alone
Would help us find our way
I made it through one 24
Now my poor heart just breaks
I wonder what I'll have to say in 29 days

In 29 days you'll find me here
In front of my TV
In 29 days I bet you I'll be
Quite a sight to see
29 days alone in this room
Counting down from three
I wonder what this boy will be in 29 days